Spread Art Not Rona – Print


This fantastic print is a collaboration piece with 162 artists all over the world.


This fantastic print is a collaboration piece with 162 artists all over the world, spearheaded by SPzero created to raise awareness to the masses on how easily a virus can spread!

He wanted to illustrate the spread of the virus by using illustrations and to hopefully make people understand why it’s important to Stay Home and avoid as much contact with people from outside as possible. It spreads pretty quick!

Illustrating the spread of Coronavirus (or The ‘Rona) with awesome illustrations from amazing illustrators, spread to 21 countries from the UK to the Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Germany, USA, France, Iran, Dubai, Thailand, Romania, India, Chile, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, Italy, Indonesia, Colombia, Bulgaria and Spain.

All profits will be donated to the NHS heroes, so buy a piece of history and support our fantastic healthcare system!

Limited run of 250 prints.
Size – 59.4 x 25.2 cm

This is a Hi-definition ‘Giclée’ print on high-quality archival paper. The pigment in the ink givings the image life of 85+ years.
The paper is made in an FSC certified mill using friendly materials of the highest quality.

**Please allow up to 14 days for delivery**

(This print does not come framed, we offer a framing service for customers in or who can collect from London).

Featured Artists
SP:Zero, Woskerski, HmmmBates, Wingy, Asurabella, Jon Lycett Smith, Janus, Luke Brabants, Amethyst Art, Si Larner, Breaking Beats, Francois Got Buffed, 3rdEye, Mr The Beef, Klonism, Temii Powles, Craig Earp, Lucanart, Toothrag, Jordan Sharples, Artista, Ginger Dan, Murtartis, Curly738, Michael Whiteley, Richy Hurle, Zed, Penkin, Mose78, Anokzone, Dahkoh, Tom Blackford, Li7eAlternative, Marco Reinhardt, BowerbomB, Subnetics, Ejecto, JhonsJoint, Bunny Boiler, Hatch, Sarah Perry, Uhoh.., Nol, ThatBlokeWilson, Roots0121, John Curtis, Ben Dufton, PING, BlakeToons, Vandal4Fun, Pablo Diablo, Yorkie8six, BurgerOne, Eskis, Kink, Object, Lost Dogs, ARTone, Decay, Joe Hopley, Gorbe, Charlie Ghost, Choots, Kid Crayon, Liskbot, Oxalien, Drew Hird, Katy Potaty, MateyB, Daniel Harris, Candy Lo, Stuart Rush, Lost Hills, Bad Taste, Katie Williams, Cruz_Illustration, Pensive Creations, Tech Moon, CoonOne, Rob VonGlas, MAD wew, Stuart Withers, Zeppo, Myrto Petrou, Remouse1991, Lawrence Hugh Burns, Gillian Stone, Condor73, CROM, Ben Taylor, Jahpix, Invokal Ink, Verse, Rucha Pai, Biggie Z, Rukz One, Si Mitchell, Captain Kris, Squirl, Lucy Jones, Riot Not Diet, Limbo1984, Yuri Trechswjakow, Korp, Rupe Rup, Sarah Knowler, Dionne Langton, Setdebelleza, ADD (Aron Derungs), C73, LuddittINK, OllyMacNamee, EyeSoreCozza, 2Dirty, Linda, Mayka, Suzie (with JanuzArt), TikToy, Magnet Fishing Menace, RTC72, Warren Day, Alex Vennard, Nick Scurfield, Emilie Dunn, Glenn Malpass, Hull Grafitti Si2 TTK, Masan, Crackpot, Wumzum, Callam Fox, Guts, Addicted Doodler, Jay Sharples, DFC1848, DazzlaRock, Ovenproof, Pufftronic, Rumah, Mr Wigz, Paul Browning, Skillmatik, Mind-Control, Cur5, Quantocks, Rikki Marr, ERJurself, Madam, Grace M Howarth, EmonOne, Nathan Jones, Ian Walker, Dios, Dixon Does Doodles, 3MIROo, LittleZart, Faunagraphic,TonyBoy and BrainFart.

With very special guest artists: Jake age 13, Oliver age 11, Lila age 9, Alanna age 8, and Alex age 7.

Click the link below to download a pdf with all the artist who participates and a key to show you which character (s) they created.

Download Artist key